At Merge Physical Medicine, our team is adept at addressing the source of your pain with custom-tailored solutions and an unrelenting passion to improve your quality of life. To learn more about the conditions we treat, read below.

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Rotator Cuff Injuries

These come in different varieties, different muscles or tendons may be affected. Sometimes it can recover through physical therapy and exercise; we can determine the best course of action and advise you accordingly

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TMJ Disorder

The TMJ joint is what connects your skull to your jawbone; some disorders can be caused by habits like grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw or could be caused by a combination of factors like genetics and injury, whichever the case might be, we can help you treat it.

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This typically happens when you are involved in a car accident or similar trauma; the forceful movement of the neck going back and forth can cause injury. These injuries could be short-term and resolve themselves in a few days or could be more severe and require the help of a professional.

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Shin Splints

Shin splints are caused by a number of issues, which can range from overtraining or poor footwear; usually, shin splints go away by themselves in a matter of weeks. Still, when the pain is persistent and rest, over-the-counter pain meds, and ice are not enough, you should contact a medical professional.

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No matter the source of your head-related pain, we can find the root cause and treat it accordingly.

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Segmental Dysfunction

The right exercise routine, coupled with stretching and physical therapy, can significantly improve this condition, come in and let’s make a personalized plan.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sedentary lifestyles and long hours at the office are to blame for this all-too-common ailment

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Range of Motion Deficits

This can occur for any number of reasons, that’s what we are here for, giving you a diagnosis and assessing the best course of action for your particular needs.


Hip and knee pain

Pain is never a good thing, but when it affects the main joints in your body, it can be extremely disrupting; with the right therapy and treatment, we can mitigate the pain and speed up your recovery.


Pelvic unleveling

Often this is caused by other parts of the body like the feet, come in, and let us align you back up.


Nerve entrapment such as sciatica

This excruciating condition can be treated with a combination of techniques



Overstretching and even tearing of tissue, often healed with rest but sometimes more severe and requiring of physical therapy


Trigger points

These take place in just about any place in your body; the fortunate news is that they are treatable, and we can help.


Hand and wrist pain

The cause of hand and wrist pain can be very diverse, but our highly trained therapists can help.


Poor posture

This can lead to many more problems than people realize, let us help you get your posture back on track and eliminate a host of issues before they start.


Neck, mid-back, and low back pain

Poor posture can be the cause of chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain.


Joint pain

We are experts in joint pain; we can help you mitigate it and find the root cause to address it adequately.



Dr. Peirsol is a Columbus, Ohio-born native, comes from a family of alumni of The Ohio State University, and as such, is a diehard Buckeye who moved to Dallas in 2007 to pursue her chiropractic career. She graduated from Parker University and has been in practice since 2011.
Dr. Peirsol has a sports medicine specialty and is trained to treat and diagnose conditions that arise from sports and physical activity in general. Doctors in sports medicine are usually called on to diagnose and treat conditions such as whiplash, shin splints, sprains, bone fractures, hip and knee pain, as well as joint and back pain and any other sports-related injury.
After eight years in an integrated setting, she has strengthened her keen focus that every patient receives a proper diagnosis. Treatment through diagnosis, imaging, history, interventional pain procedures, and other measures have been a part of her thorough and multifaceted approach to patient care. She has a history of collaborating with all specialties including pain management professionals, physical therapists, fellow chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, spine and neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, ENTs, and PCPs to name a few.
Dr. Peirsol prides herself on finding the right answer for your injury making sure she provides a personalized care plan tailored only to you and your injuries. She is known for her honesty, her loyalty, and for respecting one’s time, but these are just a few of the qualities that describe Dr. Peirsol.
Manipulation and soft tissue therapy including manual therapy, trigger point therapy, and active release therapy are just a few of the treatments Dr. Peirsol incorporates into her treatment plans. She uses the latest technology and is on top of the newest and most effective trends in medicine, allowing her to make the best decision every time, no matter the malady.
Below is just one of many glowing testimonials of Dr. Peirsol. To experience the same level of outstanding service, reach out to Merge Physical Medicine and learn what Dr. Peirsol and her team can do for you.

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